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This is the town where it all started for Bridges Across Borders.

For many the war in Bosnia is a distant memory. Yet this town still bears many scars from the terrible conflict; with war damaged buildings and an ever present danger from mines, cluster bombs and Uxo's. There are around 6000 inhabitants, mainly from two ethnic groups - Croatian and Bosniac. They are separated by a dividing road and there is still tension between some members of these groups.


Omladinski centar is the first local NGO BAB worked in partnership with.

The youth centre started up at the end of the war and it focuses its work on conflict resolution and peace building with children and teenagers through a variety of projects. These have included theatre, sports, art, group holidays, IT training and environmental projects. Each programme runs with multi ethnic participation as a central theme.

A number of people from around the world, and also families and businesses from GV-U played a big part in helping our projects ... click on the links page or below to see our ever growing band of generous supporters.



Our dedicated team will work in partnership in the Balkans with local NGO's and small international NGO's to provide fun orientated programmes in a safe environment where children, teenagers and adults of all genders, religions and ethnic groups can come together, create, communicate and work together against intolerance that divides people. We are inclusive and open to developing idea's together.


The 2 months that the team spent in GV-U in 2011 created a wonderful platform for us to build on for both our 2013 project and beyond. We'd like to thank everyone including the volunteers, the centar staff, and anyone who donated their time and money to contribute to a project that exceeded everyone's expectations. In addtion to the projects, please note that we will look to continue to support the Omladinski Centre with materials for the existing projects we have already set up. For a flavour of what happened week by week during our 2011 project, please click on the link below ...


BAB will continue to support the youth and the community of GVU. But due to unfolding circumstances we will expand our work and support to other area's. We are looking to support and network with groups/people/individuals who work, especially voluntary for positive social change. We also will expand to offer various forms of support to help refugees in the Balkans or along the Balkan route.

Please support us supporting others and working for a better world.

News and Events

BAB project, September 2017

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Street art festival. Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina / Ulični festival. Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina

Mostar orphanage mural / Mural u sirotištu Mostar

Bicycle maintenance, art and nature workshops / Održavanje bicikala i umjetničke/radionice u prirodi 

Bike riding lessons and 7m bike ride up a mountain / Radionice vožnje bicikla i 7 km uzbrdo 

Free bicycle maintenance workshop for the people of Pirot / Besplatne radionice održavanja bicikala za ljude iz Pirota

Drugi Street Arts festival – City televizija

Bosnian TV report about our up and coming collaboration in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina. Watch it here

UPDATE 26.06.2017

BAB is happy to be supporting Refugees in Serbia.

UPDATE 15.05.2017

BAB is supporting Syrians in Turkey.

UPDATE 05.05.2017

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Cycling Across Borders 2017

After the successful fund raising trip of our volunteers from Germany to Spain in 2016, our amazing volunteers at Cycle Across Borders cycled their second trip from Mannheim in Germany, to Pirot in Serbia. They covered around 1800km in twelve days and then went on to facilitate amazing workshops with the refugees from the camp near Pirot. More news and photos about this on our news and event page.


In 2014 BAB donated darkroom chemicals to the project ART-Industrija so that they are able to set up a darkroom in Sarajevo.


Last years project built on the our 2011 work and was a resounding success. Click below to check out Mark's weekly blog from GV- U to find out more.

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Check out our Flickr page which contains pictures from the project ...

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