People’s place and community space in Hrasnica

It had been a few months since our last visit to Hrasnica and while we were pleased to hear that for a while after our departure it was up and running and fully functioning as the intended free shop; for refugees and locals, we were sad to discover that the place had become a mess again. A dumping ground full with aid and donations that the already over-stretched volunteers couldn’t deal with. So we decided to stop by and give them a helping hand to relieve them of some of their stresses with a view to get this functioning again soon.

Our volunteers sorting through the mountains of aid.
More work to do, but still finding moments to smile.
We even installed an oven for all users of the space to keep warm during these cold winter months. The art from Ale Senso still keeping watch over our shoulders.

We will keep you updated as to any further developments of this wonderful space; the peoples place and community space!