BAB Update (08.02.2019)

Our work continues. As well as supporting shelters for around 100 people. We also support other groups supporting other shelters. We send volunteers to Aid Brigade and Collective Aid to work in their kitchens which means we help feed 700 people daily with two hot meals. Every night we have volunteers ready to take blankets and sleeping bags provided by BASIS to anyone who arrives in the city tired, cold, hungry and possibly injured. Our amazing team of volunteers are developing the next instalement of documents for the childrens home in Mostar. These documents will eventually become open source for all teachers, educators and social workers supporting children at risk all over Bosnia Herzegovina. In addition we are also developing cultural and political awareness documents to be provided to other volunteer groups working in BiH. These will also be open source and for free. It does not stop there. We are in discussions with a number of secondary schools in Sarajevo to give presentations and organise a wrting competition in English about the childrens perceptions of how it is to be a refugee or immigrant in Sarajevo during this hard winter. There are more things happening which we will tell you about when they are confirmed. Thankyou to everyone who is helping us and today a special thankyou goes to Fläming kitchen in Germany for their continued financial support.

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