Hidden places and stories. (18.02.2019)

Every shelter in Sarajevo tells a story of a dark past in this land. The shelters in buildings we support have been left abandoned for many years, usually as far back as the war. These empty shells that were once full of life, people and stories that are forgotten with time. Then the new refugees and immigrants started to arrive and new stories are told from these hidden places. This is a story from photos where one old man lives without knowing his future.

The entrance to a hidden world.
We do not know who gave a stove, but it has stopped this man from freezing to death.
A sleeping place with some dignity.
When people have nothing a single item can mean so much.
This is the kitchen. Actually the whole building is destroyed from the war apart from one room.
The roof has collapsed.
Before the war a family used to prepare and cook food here.
The exit from a hidden world into an unknown future.
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