BAB Update 07.01.2019

Happy New year everyone!

It has been an eventful time since our last update, we are sorry again for our lack of regular updates, but due to the emergency situation, the majority of our time has been spent working directly in the field with refugees and immigrants.

We continue to increase our working capacity in cooperation with other groups which include; Aid Brigade, Basis, Cadus, Catch A Smile, Collective Aid, House of All, IOM and individual independent volunteers from Bosnia Herzegovina and other countries

Our work is still supporting shelter building, supply deliveries to shelters/squats, street food distribution and support to the local official refugee and immigrant camp near Sarajevo.

Our support is expanding and we will keep you informed about this. For now please follow the links below to see some of the work we have been doing.

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Wood distribution to shelters/squats

Building a shelter in cooperation with other groups.
People’s Project and Community Space

We have also resumed support for the peoples place and community space in Hrasnica.

click here to see how we have been helping them since we’ve been back.

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